Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keep me posted

Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that i'm still working on improving the certificate, because i've noticed that its kinda choppy in the library. also when you change floors in the hall building the wifi acts up a little, im working on fixing these issues.

please inform the IITS department about this website, i've tried contacting them, without any luck.

enjoy your Wifi for now, and ill keep you posted.

Please post all your feedbacks and comments in here, and let me know how well or bad its working for you ;)



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Anonymous said...

Hey dude,
Can you help me out with this iPhone set-up? abrovkin at

Thanks a ton!!

Young Hegelian said...

what is that you need help in? Did you get the certificate from me yet? I didn't get what you said at the end sorry.

Let me know how I could help u. I'll be more than happy to do so.

sunil said...

wow amazing, worked instantly, great work thanks!

SciJazz said...

Hi Ahmed,

Many thanks for all your work on Concordia Wi-Fi access for iPhone/iPod Touch users! I'm grateful for your service to the Concordia community.

Would you please send a copy of the config file to me? (You have my e-mail address in the message I sent you yesterday evening.)

Best wishes,


SciJazz said...

Your certificate is working very well on the Loyola Campus. Bravo and thanks!!!

I have been able to move between the SP, CJ, and CC buildings without difficulty. When I walked behind the HC Building, my connection was dropped, but it was easily re-established. (I had to again accept the netnames.concordia certificate.)

BTW, I have informed IITS personnel on the Loyola Campus about this blog and my successful use of the certificate.

A caution to the careless or forgetful typist: At the time that I first tried out the certificate, I hadn't used the wireless network in a long time, and the entry in my password vault was out of date. Thus, I entered an incorrect password. I did the following to correct my error and obtain a working Wi-Fi connection: I deleted the certicate supplied via this blog and then reset my network connections. I then re-installed the certificate, entering the correct username and password. I was then asked to accept a netnames.concordia certificate. After I did, my Wi-Fi conneciton became active.

Young Hegelian said...

Thank you scijazz for this helpful post, please inform me if you need anything to be done or tweaked? if there is nothing i will remove it from the beta stage and upload it directly to the website so that people can download it rather than ask me to email it to them


marco said...

can i get a copy of this setup?

ebayemails123 at