Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good news iPhone/iPod touch 2.0 users

Ok, so heres the thing, i've been getting different responses from the IITS department on whether i should or shouldnt upload the certificate, so i decided not to upload it, but if you are still interested, leave me a message on the bord here with your email address and I will email you the instructions or the conf file.

Remember you have to be running firmware 2.0 for this to work, this method also works on the iPod touch.

ooh btw, for those who've already jailbroken thier "old" iPhones, you can update to 2.0 and jailbreak/unlock it using the new pwnage tool.

Thanks iphone-dev team.


Wonka_Vision said...

I was wondering if you could send me the certificate and instructions for Concordia's wifi network. I'm using an unlocked/jailbroken 2g iPhone running the 2.0 firmware.

My email address is

Thanks a lot! I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Young Hegelian said...

I'll be needing your netname for that. Just email me your Concordia netname and I'll create the conf file and send it up to you.
My email is

Best of luck

James said...


I installed the certificate you sent me last Friday, July 18 (much apprefciate your time and effort), but even with the cert., I am still unable to connect to the Con. U wifi (ConcordiaUniversity network).

Using "Other" and WPA2 Enterprise, I get as far as entering my user (net) name and password and then it hangs on that same screen and says "Joining ConcordiaUniversity."

It's frustrating, for I would like like to be able to logon to the WIFI network but from where it stands at the moment, it doesn't look like it is meant to be.

Once again, the effort was greatly appreciated.

Young Hegelian said...

James I'm writingg you this from my iPhone in Concordia it's working fine

Hope I can be of more help

Dan said...

I am impressed. Could you please send me the file and instructions on how to implement it. I will be using it on both the iphone and the ipod touch, I'm assuming it would be done the same on both.

Best regards,

If this works, you rock.