Monday, July 21, 2008

Great news to all iPhone/Touch Concordians

Ok, to all three people who've been following up with me regarding this issure, I've finally mamaged to get a config file that would work fine without entering your password over and over again, you just set it up, and whenever youre in any ConcordiaUniversity wifi zone, the device (touch/iphone) will connect automatically, no need for downloading a new certificate even! isnt that great?

for now I will need some beta testers, so please email me on and lets get this thing started.

Also, can you please link my site to your facebook/blogs/twitter whatever page you own so that more people can access the network? Digg this page or this site , whatever you want, the more they know the faster this will grow! :P

so here's the deal. no more giving me netnames, ill just email you the file, install it like you did before or by following the instructions found on this website, when you get it, open it, enter the netname then password, connect to the network accept the certificate *ONCE ONLY* and thats it, whenever your at school, be it the gym, the library, loyola, or any other campus, and your wifi is on, the device will automatically connect.

once again please share the love, dont keep it to your self. ooh and digg this site if you like it.



Eric Zhao said...

Hi Folk,

Nice works! Pls send me a copy at :-)

Damian said...


thanks a lot for the help. It worked great, and I'm now using Concordia's wifi across the downtown campus.

I don't understand why this didn't work to begin with. I selected "other" then entered "ConcordiaUniversity", selected WPA2 Enterprise. I then entered my netname and password and installed the certificate. The phone then appeared to freeze with the message "joining ConcordiaUniversity".

Have you figured out why the above method doesn't currently work? The IITS helpline wasn't able to help me.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help. I'm sure this will be very helpful for a lot of students come September.


Young Hegelian said...

Yeah, I know i was frustrated with the IITS also thats why i took action and did it myself.

the reason why it didnt work was because the iPhone doesnt know that your trying to connect using TTLS so it trys connecting you using the normal WPA2 enterprise protocol, thats why we couldnt connect before, but with this certificate, it tells Concordia's wifi that you are using TTSL so you can connect normally.

thank you for your support, ill keep you guys updated. im still working on a little script that allows users to download the certificate directly to their iPhones, when they log on to this website.

please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions by posting a comment on the blog



CostaT said...

Hey Ahmed,

When you get a chance, please send me the file so that I can also give it a try. email=


Anonymous said...

Hey Ahmed,

Do you think you can send me the file at

it would be appreciated, thanks for your work.

Victoria said...

Can you please email it to me at Thanks!!

Laemas said...

Hi, nice work here!

Couldyou please send me the file:

thanks a bunch!


Anonymous said...

I would also like to have the file.


Anna said...

Hi there,

Could you please send me the files too?

Thanks so much!