Monday, July 21, 2008

Concordia wifi on iphone setup steps

Ok here we go. so whats going to happen is you email me from the iPhone mail, in the email you will include your netname.

i will then email you back a config file that should look somehting like this,

click on the config, *you should receive just one though, this is a test email i sent to myself*

then go on to step two

Once you click on that file it will take you to a different screen

click on install and move on to step three

Click on the install button again, then it should take you back to the email. just quit the email go back to Settings, then Wifi, then click on Concordia, Put in your password, and voilla! sometimes it takes more than one attempt to get connected, but it will, try it you will see

click on ConcordiaUniversity not ConcordiaWise.

have fun and let me know how it goes, tell your friends.

As you can see this was done using my iPod touch, the same procedure works with the iPhone. just email me with your concordia netname, and i will create a config file and email it to you.

Here are some pictures of the iPhone connected to the network


Happy surfing ya'll


Anonymous said...

Hey man
It worked great! The department of Chem & Biochem thanks you!

I was wondering if there's any way to auto-join the network since Concordia's coverage within Loyola is often patchy at best and I often get knocked off.

Given the number of new iPod Touches that are gonna be around campus as a result of Apple's announcement of their new student promotion, you're destined to be regarded as a hero!

Thanks again!


Young Hegelian said...


Lol, as of yet there isnt a way, but i think i found a workaround, This is great news, please tell your friends about this website, were here to help eachother out, and i would love to help as many as I can.

Also soon there will be a way to auto configure this, without having to email me, im working on a little script that would allow users to just go online put it their email and netname, and a conf file will be generated and sent to them right away.

Greetings from the Political Science department.

Anonymous said...

Something I noticed when joining the Concordia network was that it took me a few tries before I would be authenticated properly. I would get the error that my netname or password was incorrect. Worked after a few tries, though.
I'm guessing this is just Concordia's shotty wifi talking.

Also, Concordia has an Exchange server. I wonder if students can access it...



Young Hegelian said...

Yeah, i know its kinda annoying like that for now, the library is a pain in the ars too. but hey, it still gets the job done doesnt it.

please check my new post ;) and tell your friends.

Anonymous said...

Great job man, you've removed the only barrier for me to buy an ipod touch.. Depmnt of Cell & Bio thanks you as well!

Young Hegelian said...

glad to hear that please let me know if I could be of more help.

Anonymous said...

I have a jailbroken 2.1 3G iPhone. Can you send me the required file by email to

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I've been looking for a way to connect to concordia's wifi....please send me the info!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Could you please send me the config file. m_bota
cheers :)

Sinner said...

Hey. Could you please send me the config file.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you please send me the config file, er_mcca thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have a config file for this? Let me know:


sixty said...

HEy can you plz send me the config file my concordia netname is sa_balde

thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

Hey can u please send me a configuration file


geoff d said...

Hi, I just got an ipod touch and i am studying music at concordia. could you please email me the information!

my email is