Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess thats it for now

It was nice helping you all get connected to Concordia, im posting this because the IITS department released a config which you can download from their website directly, the thing that bothered me is that there was no acknowledgment of my efforts or anything, even though I was the one who sent them the files and showed them how to get it connected, any ways enjoy your wifi from now on, Im still working to get Nokia people connected to the network, let me know if i could help you in any way. just post a comment on the blog and ill be more than happy to offer my services.

It was nice knowing you all.




SciJazz said...

Dear Ahmed,

Many thanks for all your timely efforts on our behalf. It was very kind of you indeed to share your configuration file and to assist us in accessing Concordia's Wi-Fi system.

All the best,


Young Hegelian said...

Thank you for your support ;) just wanted to lend a helping hand to my Concordian comrades. hope you've enjoyed it, I'd recommend installing the Concordia certificate if you have a WISE account, otherwise i have made a better config that works flawlessly in all the buildings, and even faster in the eng building let me know if you would like a copy.



Eyecube said...

Hey there,
I tried getting on the but couldn't get anything.
Could you please send me the config file?
Thank you :)

Young Hegelian said...

sure can, could you please email me from your iPhone, and ill send you the conf,


Robert said...

thats annoying. thanks for helping us all out!

Young Hegelian said...

Your more than welcome

Thank you for this comment

Kevin Moon said...


Thanks very much for this! Amazing work. IITS should credit your work. I work for IITS. Drop me an email.

kmoon at

Young Hegelian said...

thanks mr moon,, an email is on its way to you :)

Anonymous said...

Stupid IITS. They offer under par support and service to Concordia students and when help comes their way, they don't thank the helper.

Your config file allowed me to stay sane during the summer while working in a chem lab.

Thanks again, man.

Young Hegelian said...

glad to hear that i've managed to keep someone from insanity ;) thanks for the comments

Crazy K said...

That's really not right to not acknowledge someone's hard work. I feel like doing something about it! My friends and I would like to thank you bro, we got wifi!!! woo hoo. Now we won't fall asleep in class. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for creating the config file. I recently got a nokia 5800 and was wondering if you had cooked up something for nokia phones too? Thanks again.