Saturday, November 22, 2008

Soon, it'll all be over!

The days of the so called, bridged-simcard unlocks, are almost over, as the iPhone Dev-Team had recently announced that they will be releasing their infamous soft-unlocker very soon. However, they posted a WARNING to those who are toying with the idea of updating their iPhone 3G to 2.2, as it includes a baseband update, which might render your chances of soft-unlocking impossible. I will keep you guys posted.

P.S. you should be safe if your are using a 2G iPhone, you can update, but you might have to reactivate your phone, or wait for the QuickPwn or Pwnage tool to be released.

P.P.S. Im out of the unlocking sim-cards at the moment, so please stop emailing. soon all your issues will be solved by the aforementioned unlock.


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Hi there

Do you know how you can add your encs email account to your iphone? I tried few times but it doesn't work. any idea? my email address is mo_alian[at]


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